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1000 Rohani Ilaaj


Rohani Ilaj is an Islamic app which contain Wazaif & Dua from Asma ul Husna, which helps to get benefit from Names of Allah (Asma ul Husna).This Mobile App is designed with beautiful layout. It includes various topics & user can easily get the Spiritual Treatment (Rohani Ilaj) of his choice.Use this easy application with an eye-catching interface and persuade other Islamic brothers and sisters to do the same.Most Importantly this app has a package of Dua (Prayer) package which can be recited on the corresponding occasion..Cure of some common disease mention in this app are as follow.> Blood Pressure> Diabetes>Cancer>Heart problems>Flu , Cold, Fever and Allergies>Arthritis and many other diseaseLast but not the least you can find the prayers of the different occasion at the end of the list.
Following duas are also the part of this app:
Dua for protection for Iman, Dua for removal of Troubles, Dua for relief from Grief, Dua for Baby Boy, Dua for getting rid of Poverty etc.